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Notre histoire

Morgan Philips group was founded at the end of 2013 with two objectives:

Contribute to the success of companies by recruiting for them the best talent, and improving the professional life of candidates.

Our motto is: ‘successful human stories’.

The quickening pace of business, globalisation and the massive use of new technologies are all making it more and more difficult for companies to recruit, train and retain the best talent.  Likewise, many employees feel lost when it comes time to find a new job or manage their career.

It is our conviction that technological innovation and social networks mean that traditional approaches to recruitment can be overturned and the market can become more fluid, without losing sight of the human element.

At Morgan Philips ‘high-tech’ is never without ‘high-touch’; relying on new technologies is not done at the expense of the human element.

Find out how using our app FYTE4U enables you to see video CVs of candidates before meeting them face to face.

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Our company culture is fundamental to our success – it can be summed up in a few words: a culture of entrepreneurial spirit, a culture of teamwork, a culture of innovation, a culture of openness and a culture of client focus.

After just 3 years we are now present in 14 countries with over 300 staff, and we are revolutionising the way talent is recruited in the 21st century: we recruit better, faster and cheaper.  And this is only the beginning.

Find out how Morgan Philips Executive Search can recruit your talent better, quicker and cheaper wherever in the world it may be, using our research centres and our community of Experts.

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A meaning to our purpose

We believe that our job is an art: the art of identifying, selecting, convincing and advising candidates everywhere in the world, coupled with the art of improving their careers and their lives.

We have a highly developed sense of social responsibility.

Headhunting can have a deep and lasting impact on the business of our clients, by helping them to find the best talent wherever in the world it may be and without any preconceived ideas.

Our role is also to help people to understand the new job market and to do so efficiently.

If you would like to know why so many companies and so many candidates have been putting their trust in us for the last 3 years and in 14 different countries and how our innovative and technologically advanced solutions can help you to recruit and manage your talent better, contact us now!

The founders

Charles Henri Dumon
CEO & Founder

Before founding Morgan Philips Group, Charles-Henri Dumon worked for 27 years in one of the world leaders of the recruitment industry, of which he was a member of the board of the PLC. As the CEO Continental Europe and Americas, he led the development of the Group in more than 20 countries and has created several recruitment and temporary agency brands.

François Sallembien
CFO & Co-Founder

Before joining Morgan Philips Group, François Sallembien worked with Charles-Henri Dumon for 18 years in one of the leading international recruitment firms. As the CFO Continental Europe and Americas, he played a major role in expanding the group abroad.

Pascal Tour
CIO & Co-Founder

Pascal Tour is a telecommunications engineer. Before joining Morgan Philips Group, he held for 13 years the position of CIO Continental Europe and Americas at one of the largest international recruitment companies. He has managed large teams in multicultural environments (over 150 people) and has worked on complex IT infrastructure and business application projects. Pascal is a Digital expert: websites, mobile applications, digital marketing.